Greenhouse organized agricultural zones are established

“It will contribute to agriculture, increasing productivity, and more controlled agriculture can be achieved in a more compact area.” All of this will happen thanks to the greenhouse organized industrial zones. Turkey’s new Medium Term Program has been announced. Production will increase for food supply security, which is one of the important topics in agriculture. The manufacturer will be supported with new applications.

So, how will greenhouse organized agricultural zones be formed and what benefits will be seen?

Head of the Istanbul Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Murat Kapıkıran answered this question, “There are two different expansions of the greenhouse organized agricultural zones, the first is to increase productivity by making use of the heat of geothermal waters in the area where there are geothermal resources and by doing greenhouse agriculture, and the third thing is that the product produced in the summer far from the season will be able to be produced with energy in the winter. . With these projects, we cannot eat the peach produced in Bursa for 45 liras in Istanbul. A pear bought for 8 liras cannot be eaten for 47 liras in Istanbul, here the producer and the consumer will be protected. It is very important where this planning will be done, if there is an agricultural activity and there is productivity, those areas should not be preferred, it is actually the logic of this business to evaluate less productive areas and get efficiency from those areas.

Where should greenhouse organized agricultural zones be established? Can support be provided to the balance of production and supply?

Agricultural Engineer Ömer Demir answered this question as “Thanks to the organized greenhouse zones to be established, it will be one of the factors that can put a stop to the inflation monster that is in front of us because production will increase and supply will increase”.

MTP evaluation from Şimşek: Wage arrangements will be made according to the target inflation

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