Great sacrifice from King Charles to ‘fight climate change’: Lowered the temperature of the pool in the palace

It turned out that King Charles of England lowered the temperature of the pool at Buckingham Palace to ‘fight climate change’ and ‘save energy’ after he took the throne.

According to the news of Independent Turkish based on the Times, royal sources said that the palace staff, who spent time in the pool after this decision, felt cold in the pool.

Sharing the news with its readers, the site named Futurism emphasized that King Charles, who lowered the temperature of the pool water to “combat climate change”, traveled with private jets.

It is also known that Charles, who wanted to keep unnecessary lights off in the palace to save energy, likes to live in very cold environments.

On the other hand, it was stated that King Charles is looking for a private chef to cook vegan meals for him once a week for “environmental” reasons.

A royal source told the Times: “Charles is on a vegan diet once a week and does not eat meat, fish or dairy for environmental reasons. He has also made the goal of reducing the energy use of his royals a priority in recent years.”

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