Great praise from Alpaslan Öztürk to Arda Turan

wearing the Eyüpspor jersey Alpaslan OzturkAfter the Sakaryaspor victory, he conveyed his views.

Alpaslan Ozturk, “I’m not the hero of this game. The hero of this match; our technical team, football players, presidents, employees at the facility. Let me express it clearly” said.


The veteran actor, in his words, “It was a tough match. I congratulate my friends for their struggle. We set out on this road with the motto of championship. But like every season, this season was also very difficult. Both for me and for my team. But especially after the arrival of Arda Hodja, it is a completely different team, a different spirit. But they are essentially the same players. God blessed me, I scored a good goal today. Congratulations to Sakaryaspor. A good fan had arrived. Good luck to them too. We continue on our way. Tomorrow we will start thinking about Bodrumspor. We want to get our name in the final‘ he continued.

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Alpaslan Öztürk, finally, “I wanted to hit the ball as soon as I controlled it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s today, thank goodness. After the golden, I ran to our teacher. Our teacher is more of an idol to me than a teacher, a brother, a guide. Those who watch will understand this. I actually gifted the goal to the president. I hit a few shots during the season, he reproached me, ‘How many goals did you get from there’. I gifted this goal to him. Joking aside, I gift it to my wife and children whom I love very much.‘ he uttered his words.

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