great enthusiasm in brazil

There was great joy in Brazil, which started the World Cup by beating Serbia. There were celebrations both at the exit of the stadium and in the South American country, such that work was interrupted for 90 minutes in a factory.

Brazil started the World Cup with a victory, the 3 points in Qatar were celebrated with enthusiasm in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian football fans who could not attend the tournament watched the match on the iconic Copacabana beach. There was great joy in both of Richardlison’s goals. Neymar’s injury was watched with fearful eyes. Although the superstar football player worried his fans, coach Tite explained that the injury was not serious. There was also an interesting match watching organization in Brazil. When a match started in a factory, the machines were stopped, work was interrupted. There was a Brazilian wind at the exit of the stadium in Qatar. Serbian football fans were upset. In the second matches of Group G, Brazil will face Switzerland and Serbia will face Cameroon on Monday. Brazil, the most successful team in history with 5 championships, had this joy 20 years ago, in 2002, for the last time.

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