Giresunspor said to continue with Nahid Ramazan Yamak

84 out of 559 members attended the extraordinary general assembly with elections held at Çotanak Sports Complex. In the election held with a single list, Nahid Ramazan Yamak was re-elected as president.

In his speech, Yamak stated that they are fighting for the success of Giresunspor and said, “Giresunspor will overcome all difficulties and continue on its way with our brilliant young people writing history. We, as the board of directors, will overcome this burden with our representatives, our working group and our community.” said.

The new board of directors chaired by Nahid Ramazan Yamak, Ali Ustasal, Battal Gazi Özdemir, Burçin Yurt, Emin Ertuğral, Emrullah Ekiz, Erdinç Hıdımoğlu, Erkan Babaç, Fahrettin Kumaş, Faruk Beyaz, Kenan Şahin, Mehmet Yiğit, Osman Murat Türkoğlu, Osman Topal, Uğur It consisted of Karakılıç and Yusuf Hacıibrahimoğlu.

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