Getting your ears pierced can seriously harm your health!

The ear and ear cartilage piercing fashion, which has increased in recent years, has become a sense of elegance, especially preferred by women.

Citizens who have their ears pierced have their ears pierced in unlicensed businesses with insufficient precautions, which invites danger.


Experts stated that ear piercing is not as easy as it seems and stated that caution should be exercised:

“Spray and cream are generally used for ear piercing, but we recommend that spray should not be used because some people, especially children, have sensitive ears. Although ear piercing may seem simple, it requires experience and care. We recommend applying cream before performing the procedure. We also say that hygiene should be taken into consideration.” Gloves should be worn to prevent the hole from getting infected, and the piercing should be done in a sterile environment. Recently, cartilage piercing procedures have also increased. Cartilage is a dangerous place. There is a high probability of bleeding and fracture, and since it is a very sensitive place, it should not be pierced without anesthesia. When performing ear piercing on children “Steel earrings should be worn, and approximately 1 month later, silver or gold earrings should be worn. Because children are sensitive.”

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