Gardens are renewed with QUA Granite’s Vitoria Anthracite

Vitoria Anthracite product of Qua Granite, which is specially produced for outdoor areas, is resistant to breakage and cracking during application thanks to its special thickness. Thanks to its durability, it does not change over time. In addition to its resistance to frost and high temperatures, it is resistant to salt, mold, algae and pesticides. With its water absorption level below 0.1 percent, easy to clean and anti-slip feature, it is an indispensable product for outdoors.

With its 45×90 and 60×90 size options, it can be used safely in areas with heavy traffic such as terraces, balconies, roof sunbathing areas, patios, beaches, beaches, swimming pools, automobile roads, subways, airports, stations, parks, underground passages and villa gardens.

The Vitoria Anthracite product, which can be applied practically without the need for an expert flooring master, can be easily removed from the area where it is applied and can be re-laid in another area.

Qua Granite’s Vitoria Anthracite can be applied as dry laying on turf to create walkways, gravel and sand substrates. Thanks to the dry flooring system and traditional reinforced concrete floor preparation is not required, it can be started to be walked on and used immediately.

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