Galatasaray commemorated former president Duygun Yarsuvat

In the message on the website of the yellow-red club, “With mercy and longing on the second anniversary of the death of Duygun Yarsuvat, the valuable lawyer, academician and 35th President of Galatasaray Sports Club, who took on important duties such as university rector, council board chairman and club president in Galatasaray, the cradle of education and sports, and spent his life serving Galatasaray. “we commemorate” It was said.

Duygun Yarsuvat served as president of Galatasaray for approximately 7 months between October 2014 and May 2015. During the Yarsuvat period, the yellow-red football team became the Super League and Turkish Cup champions, and the women’s basketball team also became the champion in the league.

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