Friday sermon 26 August 2022 Diyanet… What is the subject of the Friday sermon this week?

As every week, Friday sermons are among the most curious subjects of the day by Muslims. The Friday sermon prepared by the Directorate of Religious Affairs, General Directorate of Religious Services, was published on Thursday this week. The subject of the sermon, which will be read by the imams in the mosque, is being questioned by the citizens.


In this week’s Friday sermon, the history and importance of the Battle of Manzikert, 30 August Victory Day, which we will celebrate in August, which is commemorated with victories, will be discussed. Friday sermon on “The Spirit and the Spirit Behind Our Victories”, dated August 26, 2022, prepared by the Presidency of Religious Affairs.


Dear Muslims!

In the verse I read, our Almighty Lord says: “O you who believe! If you help the religion of Allah, Allah will help you and make your feet firm.”1

In the hadith I read, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) states the following: “Whoever strives to make Allah’s religion the highest, he is in the way of Allah.”2

Dear Believers!

The month of August we are in has witnessed many victories in our glorious history. Every year in this month, we remember the unique victories that left their mark on our history. We think of the Battle of Manzikert, which opened Anatolia to Islam on August 26, 1071 and made it home to our nation. We commemorate the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief, which ended with the August 30 Victory.

Dear Muslims! It is our commitment to the “Din-i Mübin-i Islam” that has made us rush from victory to victory throughout history and has given us that tremendous spirit we have. In that case, the most important duty that falls to us, the believers, is to have the same belief and submission. Connecting to Allah with an unshakable faith means fighting in His way with good deeds, good morals, patience and perseverance. Then God’s help will always be with us. When will he fall into dire straits and say, “When is God’s help?” If we pray, our souls will be at peace with the good news of our Almighty Lord, “God’s help is near.”3

Dear Believers!

History is the memory of a nation. It is not only the past, but the construction of the future. When read with the eye of an example, history guides nations like a compass and draws directions. The victories in our history also advise us to protect the values ​​that make us a nation. It teaches us to cherish our homeland, where we live in peace and security, dearly. It instills the awareness of protecting our existence and unity, brotherhood and affection. It reminds each of us that as long as we have the same faith, the same spirit and the same ideal, there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome, no struggle that we cannot win.

Dear Muslims!

Of course, it is valuable to commemorate our past victories. Of course, it is valuable to live the memory of our ancestors and pass them on to our future generations. However, what is more important than this is to be aware of the responsibilities that our history imposes on us. Necip is to do our best for the well-being, tranquility and peace of our nation, the Islamic world and all humanity. It is to mobilize material causes along with our spirituality. It is to work with all our strength to achieve all kinds of superiority in fields such as science, economy and technology. Only then can we make the name of Allah dominate the earth, and bring truth and truth, goodness and justice, compassion and mercy to all corners of the world. We can properly claim the trust of our glorious ancestors.

On this occasion, St. I once again commemorate our martyrs and heroic veterans who sacrificed their lives for the sake of glorifying Allah’s religion, from the time of Adam (pbuh) until today, with mercy, gratitude and gratitude.

1 Mohammed, 47/7.
2 Bukhari, Tawhid, 28.
3 Baccarat, 2/214.

General Directorate of Religious Services

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