French Senate approves bill restricting internet use to under 15s

The Senate discussed the bill aimed at combating hate on social media.

The bill, which was accepted at the session, requires children under the age of 15 to get permission from their parents to register on social media platforms.

Accordingly, platforms will need to use a system to verify the age of users and whether minors have permission from their parents.

Platforms that do not comply with the rules can be fined up to 1% of their worldwide turnover.

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With the bill, social media platforms will publish messages for prevention against bullying on social media.

Parents will be able to request platforms to suspend the social media accounts of their 15-year-old children.

The bill also covers the obligation of social media and online platforms to respond to legal requests regarding electronic content within 10 days as part of judicial investigations. This period given to the platforms is maximum 8 hours when there is a risk of serious damage to person or property.

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The bill, which was previously accepted in the Parliament, will be discussed in a joint commission consisting of 14 parliamentarians.

According to the National Commission on Information and Freedoms (CNIL), 82 percent of children aged 10-14 in France use the internet without parental consent.

According to CNIL’s research in 2021, the age to sign up for a social media platform for the first time in the country dropped to 8 years.

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