For two weeks, the CHP tried to destroy the government’s perception of ‘terrorism’: They say, ‘We didn’t know that’

CHP, for the second round campaign, formed by the government for two weeks. “They are collaborating with terrorism” He tried to destroy his perception.

The CHP also talked about what the AKP did in the solution process, the Oslo talks, videos reminiscent of the old sayings about FETO, on social media, on television, on giant screens and in brochures it prepared.

(Ugur Bayraktutan)


Regarding the results of the studies carried out Republic’Speaking to e, CHP Artvin Deputy Uğur Bayraktutan said, “We saw that there were people who believed in the perception they made with montage. That’s why we reveal what they have done with FETO and the PKK, and the public is surprised. They ask us, ‘Did Kemal Bey curse the PKK, YPG, FETO?’ saying. We open, we show. ‘We didn’t know that,’ they say. We also showed the tables set up in Oslo with the PKK and what we said against them for years. People are surprised, they react. This will be reflected in the ballot box.” said.

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(Ali Mahir Basarir)

CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Basarir whereas “Especially the confession of the montage videos caused a reaction in the citizens. People are broken. I think this will be reflected in the ballot box. The government took refuge behind montage videos. People should vote by looking at their pockets, rent, closet, not these lies.” made his call.

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(Yunus Emre)


CHP Istanbul Deputy Yunus Emre “Now we have told the truth and we are hopeful about the elections. This will be a new race.” said.

(Gamze Tascier)

CHP Deputy Gamze Taşcıer “They used montage, but we only reminded what Erdogan really said. We received positive feedback and we hope that this will be reflected in the ballot box.” said.

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