‘For the change of this dirty order…’

The Change and Democracy Party, which is part of the ATA Alliance, announced that it has decided to support the Nation Alliance in the second round of the presidential election, which will be held on Sunday.

In his written statement, Abbas Tüm criticized Sinan Ogan, the presidential candidate of the ATA Alliance, who expressed his support for the candidate of the People’s Alliance, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stating that he did not consult with them for the second round of the election.


All noted:

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“As the ATA Alliance, our red lines and conditions are clear. We can no longer support or stand by Sinan Oğan, who passed on to the People’s Alliance by ignoring these red lines, in the presidential elections. Sinan Ogan reached 5 percent with the votes of the Victory Party, the Change and Democracy Party. He did not consult with the members of the ATA Alliance when he moved to the People’s Alliance. We do not give our rights to Sinan Ogan.

Sending refugees, re-reading our Oath in schools, closing the congregations, re-registering the Turkish Republic to institutions, catching Sinan Ateş’s murderers and instigators are our sine qua non. We are deeply saddened by the inclusion of Sinan Ogan in the People’s Alliance, which tramples on facts such as nationalism and Kemalism.

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In this respect, when Turkey’s future is in question, it is unacceptable for the People’s Alliance to form an alliance with HUDA PAR, which includes the murderers of Gaffar Okan and Konca Kuriş.

An alliance cannot contain a Hezbollahist terrorist organization such as HUDA PAR, and cannot bring deputies into the Parliament, just for its own benefit. As the Change and Democracy Party, we will do our best to change this dirty order in our country and to switch to a strengthened parliamentary system.”

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