‘For promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion’: FIR against actor Kangana Ranaut, her sister
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‘For promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion’: FIR against actor Kangana Ranaut, her sister

POLICE REGISTERED an FIR over star Kangana Ranaut & her sister Rangoli Chandel in Bandra on Sat. noon, on the basis of a private case registered before a metropolitan court.

The ladies have been booked under sections pertaining to committing malicious (or) wilful acts with the ambition of outraging religious emotions of residents, sedition, fostering enmity between various teams on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, home (or) language & common ambition of the Indian Penal Code.

As per police, the FIR states that using their own tweets, the sisters attempted to “malign the Indian Constitution & image of the Maharashtra(MH) govt, wound feelings of Muslims & attempted to create division between Hindus & Muslims”.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IX) Abhishek Trimukhe stated the interrogating official would start meeting proof & verify the allegations made within the case.

The case registered in the court said that Ranaut has been “making divisions between communities & spreading communal hatred”. The court had instructed an FIR to be lodged over the sisters on Fri..

“On prima facie perusal of case & submissions… I identified the cognizable offense was dedicated by this charged. Overall allegations are based upon comment on electronic media.

Twitter & interviews. The charged utilized social media(SM) like Twitter.

Thorough inquiry is required by this expert… search & seizure is required in this complaint,” Metropolitan Magistrate Jaydeo Khule stated in his own order.

He’d instructed the concerned PS (police station) to inquire the case.

The case has been registered by Munawwar Ali Sayyed, a casting director & fitness trainer.

In his own case, he said that he’d performed with known movie directors & had, for the last quite a few mos.

being observing on social media(SM) that Ranaut “is constantly insulting Bollywood movie sector & is portraying citizens functioning in Bollywood movies as a hub of nepotism, favouritism, drug addicts, communally-biased citizens, murderers, and so on” using her tweets & TV interviews.

“…(this) is making a quite bad image of Bollywood within the minds of citizens & even making a communal divide & rift between citizens of 2 communities & within the mind of common person”.

He also said that a rift has been being created between artistes of various religions.

The case referred to different tweets by Ranaut over the past quite a few mos, involving a tweet where she referred to Mumbai (Bombay) as POK (Pakistan(PAK) Occupied Kashmir).

The complainer also said, “Police inquiry is required to ascertain the real motive behind such hate tweets, & who’re the citizens backing such hatred to create communal tension & feelings.”

Lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee, representing Ranaut, stated, “This shall be dealt with on merits according to process of law.

Right of speech & expression shouldn’t be construed as fostering communal disharmony.”

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