Flood in Azerbaijan: 2 dead – Last Minute World News

Due to the heavy rains that were effective in the west of Azerbaijan yesterday evening, the Ganja River overflowed in Goygol province. As a result of the overflow of the river, floods occurred in the villages of Zurnabad, Shahriyar, Keramlı and Topalhasanlı. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan announced that 69-year-old Mukhtar Husseinov and 22-year-old Ibrahim Gurbanov lost their lives when they were caught in the waters of the overflowing river in the village of Topalhasanlı. In the statement, it was reported that 3 people were rescued with injuries and taken to the hospital. Search and rescue teams working in the region delivered the lifeless bodies of 2 people who drowned in the flood to their families.

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As a result of the flood, highways, natural gas lines, electricity and telephone lines, agricultural lands, gardens and workplaces were damaged. While many vehicles were stuck in the mud, some vehicles became unusable. Water evacuation and cleaning works were started by the teams in the areas affected by the flood.

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