Flood and hail hit Ankara once again

The roadsides were white. The streets turned into lakes. Both vehicles and pedestrians were stranded. The capital Ankara was once again struck by torrential rain and hail, with images that did not match the movies.

The address of the flood that hit the Etimesgut district in the last rainfall was Keçiören district this time. The vehicles were half submerged. The downpour combined with the water flowing from the waterfall on the busiest street of the district. A driver trapped under a flooded bridge, got on his vehicle and waited to escape. The garden of Keçiören Municipality and the Population Directorate surrendered to the rain.

A carpet field was also flooded. The children on the field were taken out. A street market was also affected by the torrential rain. The water that flooded the street where the market was set up took away whatever came in front of it. Marketplace tradesmen had a hard time.

There was also a flood after the torrential rain in Xinjiang. While the roads were under water in a short time, vehicles had difficulty in advancing. On the way back to the lake, some citizens got on their vehicles and waited to be rescued.

Images from Ankara! Roads turned into lakes, homes and businesses flooded

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