First attacked the vehicle, then blocked the road

Kicks punched. He broke the windows of the car and tried to open the doors. The young people in the vehicle had moments of fear.

The images were recorded in the Keçiören district of Ankara. The driver Ersin H., working on the Kızılay – Keçiören line, allegedly passed the red light. At that time, 22-year-old Yusuf Emin Özipek, who was waiting at the light, honked to warn him. The driver stopped the bus despite the passengers inside and attacked Özipek’s car like this.

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The young people in the vehicle experienced great fear. The aggressive driver got on the bus after a while and continued on his way. Özipek stood next to the bus, photographing the aggressive driver. The driver also took a picture of them. Özipek, whose vehicle was damaged by 60 thousand liras, filed a complaint against the aggressive driver. Ersin H, who was taken into custody, was released after his statement.

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Hand to hand fight in traffic in Ümraniye

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