Femicide in Ankara: He killed his wife and sister-in-law and committed suicide – Last Minute Turkey News

A new one has been added to the femicides.

Hüseyin Yüksel (43), who runs a tobacco shop in Kahramankazan district of Ankara, met his wife Emine Yüksel (40), who was in the process of divorce, and his sister-in-law Çiğdem Demir (37) on Ankara Boulevard in Kayı District.

The Yuksel couple started arguing in the middle of the street. Thereupon, Hüseyin Yüksel killed his wife Emine and sister-in-law Çiğdem Demir by shooting them in the head with a gun. Yüksel later committed suicide with the same gun. It was learned that Emine Yüksel is the mother of 3 children and Çiğdem Demir is the mother of 2 children.

Police teams came to the scene upon notice from the surrounding people and investigated the area. The bodies of those who died in the incident were taken to the morgue of Kahramankazan Hamdi Eriş State Hospital.

Meanwhile, it was stated that Emine Yüksel received a restraining order for her husband, who was in the process of divorce, a while ago, but this period has expired.

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