‘Fees’ warning from YÖK to foundation universities

In the article on ‘Education and Tuition Fee’ sent to foundation higher education institutions by YÖK, it was stated that there were complaints about some foundation higher education institutions’ increasing their education and training fees above the inflation rate.

In the process of determining the education and training fees of the board of trustees of foundation higher education institutions, it was pointed out that the legislation regulations regarding that foundation higher education institutions cannot pursue profit purposes.

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Considering the demands and complaints of the students, it was requested that the necessary care should be taken in this regard and that the increase limit for education and training fees should not be higher than the inflation rate.

In addition, the decision, which was announced to foundation higher education institutions before, ‘to provide convenience to the earthquake victims in terms of education and training fees, scholarship and accommodation needs, and various factors such as the housing status of the citizens and students damaged by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, social conditions and sustainable education processes’ are evaluated together. was reminded.

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