Fatih Erbakan’s reaction to normalization with Israel: ‘One minute, Mr. Erdogan!’

Again, the leader of the Welfare Party, Erbakan, spoke at the Kahramanmaraş 2nd Ordinary Congress of his party. Erbakan said the following in his speech at the congress held at the Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Cultural Center:

“The ruling party celebrated its 21st anniversary. President and AK Party Chairman Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed that his party, which has completed 21 years of being in power alone for 20 years, has achieved great success. ‘There is a developing Turkey that makes history in every field and is admired with envy!’ said. It is true that during this period, ‘history was written’…

“WE DON’T SAY: FAIZ NAS, Pineapple for usurers!”

But let’s see how history is being made: We are making history as the world champion in food inflation. We are making history with the world’s sixth place in general inflation, we are making history with an unprecedented increase in price, we are making history with the Turkish lira, which lost 100 percent of its value in a year and turned into stamps, and we make history with our bridges and highways, where no more than 3 coins were bought but 5 coins were purchased. We are making history with incompetent and unqualified cadres who are unable to pass the civil service recruitment exams properly. We make history with the practices of ‘How is interest paid, pineapple for moneylenders’, we write history with our bureaucrats who receive salaries from 7 different places and 9 different places. We are making history when the government’s domestic debt interest exceeds the debt itself, and the interest even exceeds the principal.

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At the end of these 21 years, it is not our nation and country who are the winners, but the privileged holdings and dollar billionaires.’ Saying Erbakan, the number of dollar billionaires has increased from 11 to 50. Billions of dollars in resources were blatantly diverted to a handful of privileged minorities. On the other hand, farmers, civil servants, small tradesmen and pensioners were devastated. His purchasing power fell, he became poor, he lost what he had in his hand. He’s also up to his neck in debt. The public’s debt to banks was 6.6 billion liras when the AK Party came to power. After 20 years of AK Party rule, the public’s debt to banks has increased 170 times. The bank debt of the private sector was 88 billion liras, today it has exceeded 5 trillion liras.

While the Minister of Finance distracts his citizens with the sparkle in his eyes, on the other hand, the government continues to transfer billions of dollars to a handful of privileged minorities, interest, Currency Protected Deposit Accounts and waste in the public. 60 billion TL was given to Currency Protected Deposit accounts in the last 5 months. The demands of the victims of EYT, who have been stalling for years, could be met with this money. The money given to interest in 7 months from the state budget is 151 billion liras. With this money given to interest, all debts of farmers and peasants could be erased and reset. The total amount to be paid for interest in 2022 is 329 billion liras. We don’t say ‘Faiz Nas, pineapple for moneylenders’ for nothing. The interest lobby, loan sharks and those who earn money with interest are most happy about this situation.”

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They are in such a situation that those who once made the ‘One minute’ show an election material, came to the point of appointing Ambassador Consul to the terrorist Israel, who continues to commit genocide without mentioning children and children. You know, Israel was a murderer, you know how to kill children very well? Did we say ‘one minute’? But hunger destroys asceticism. They are so stuck that they hope for help from the USA and Israel, they know that they have to fix their relations with Israel in order to improve their relations with America, and they say, ‘I am fixing relations with Israel and appointing an ambassador’, who killed their children in Gaza without saying anything. Recently, in our statement full of warnings that made a lot of noise, we said ‘One Minute’ in approaching the Government with Israel. From here, from Kahramanmaraş, I am calling once again…One Minute Dear Erdoğan! One Minute Mr. Erdogan! Where is the Milli Gorus, which says, ‘I wouldn’t trade a drop of Mehmetçik blood for an entire American budget’, where are they?


Millions of our Syrian brothers and sisters were displaced from their homes, hundreds of thousands of our Syrian brothers died, became disabled, orphaned, and in the end, nothing was achieved because of the wrong button fastening at the very beginning. Assad continues to sit in his seat, took back almost all of his lands, made the elections there, said, “I won the election,” and today, as the head of state, Assad is visiting the shopkeepers in Aleppo, Damascus and various parts of Syria. We say, ‘Any loss is a profit’ and we express that it should be agreed with the Syrian administration as soon as possible and that our Syrian guests in our country should be sent to their countries on the condition that their safety is also guaranteed.

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Returning to their homeland after this point is the best for them and for us. In addition, as nationalists, we emphasize another important point. There is a plan to send the Sunni Arab population to Turkey and to establish a terrorist state in the empty region there through the USA and Israel, PYD/YPG. There is a plan to establish a ‘terrorist’ state in regions made up of Syrian Arabs. For this reason, it is of great importance that those areas are not left empty, and that our Syrian Arab brothers and guests here return to their own cities, to their own lands. I hope that they will be able to return as soon as possible by ensuring their safety,” he said.

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