Fatih Erbakan received his mandate

Fatih Erbakan, Chairman of the Welfare Party Again and Istanbul Deputy, 14 May 2023He received his mandate from the Istanbul Provincial Election Board at the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan regarding the 28th Term Parliamentary elections held in Turkey. In addition to party members, Istanbul Provincial Chairman Mustafa Doğan and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Altınöz accompanied Erbakan while he was mandated.


Erbakan, who made a statement to the press after receiving his mandate, said, “Today, we received our mandate from the Provincial Election Board that we were elected as a deputy from the 2nd Region of Istanbul. May God Almighty bless us. “We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our selections. We express our sincere gratitude to all our organizations, especially our Istanbul Organization, who contributed to this success, and to all the litigants who contributed.” said.

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Erbakan said, “We would like to thank all of our electors, whether they vote for us or not. With these elections, the national opinion has gained the right to be represented again in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, with our Welfare Party, after a long break. Our beloved nation has this authority and this duty. May Allah be pleased with them. May Allah grant us, as MPs of the Welfare Party Again, to perform the best services for our country, our state, our nation, the Islamic world and humanity in the Assembly. Another important point here is that our Welfare Party is on the list of other parties. It is an extremely important event that he won the right to remove these 5 deputies by entering the elections in the constituencies with his own power and his own list.

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Erbakan stated that with these elections in 2023, he brought the national view, the Welfare Party, to the parliament, and said, “I hope that in 2028, this beloved nation will bring our Welfare Party back to power. In the 14 May elections, not only the success of our Re-Welfare Party, but also our People’s Alliance showed a significant success. Our nation gave the majority in the Grand National Assembly to the People’s Alliance by a wide margin. For this, we express our gratitude to our nation. Our nation also ensured that our Presidential candidate of our People’s Alliance, Mr. President, finished 5 points ahead of his opponent in the first round. Now, I hope, in the second step, on this Sunday, May 28, our nation will do what is necessary and will elect our President as President again, this time with a bigger margin. We believe this. Hopefully, as we said, our nation will put the last point on May 28 and will have elected our President with an even bigger margin. Thus, these 2023 elections will be completed with the victory of both our President and our People’s Alliance,” he said.

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