Faruk Fatih Özer’s sister spoke in the Thodex case – Last Minute Turkey News

The trial of 21 defendants, 7 of whom were imprisoned, including Faruk Fatih Özer, who was detained abroad, against whom a lawsuit was filed on the grounds of fraud on the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange, continued.

6 detained defendants, including Güven Özer and Serap Özer, were brought to the hearing at the Anatolian 9th High Criminal Court. Some pending defendants and lawyers of the parties also attended the hearing.

Serap Özer, Faruk Fatih Özer’s older sister, started her defense by stating that she was not even joking with her brother and was just a paid accounting employee.


Özer, who has been imprisoned for 18 months, said, “Faruk Fatih Özer had all the authority. I even learned from the media that he went abroad. When the police called, I went myself. If I had the slightest interest in the crimes against me, wouldn’t I have run away with Faruk Bey in the first place? Faruk Fatih Özer has been making the payments since March. He does the damage. I can’t even if I wanted to, because I’m a salaried employee. I do not accept any blame placed on me. I demand my release,” he said.

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One of Faruk Fatih Özer’s moments of escaping abroad

Güven Özer, on the other hand, said in his defense, “As part of the file, statements of 186 defendants were taken. I do not believe any of us committed a crime, I demand our release.” Complainants, on the other hand, stated that they complained about the defendants, stating that their damages were not covered.


The court decided to continue the detention of the detained defendants. The delegation decided to continue the red notice decision against Faruk Fatih Özer and postponed the hearing.

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From the moments when Özer was caught in Albania


In the indictment of the lawsuit filed by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is stated that an investigation was launched after Faruk Fatih Özer defrauded his customers over the Thodex crypto money application and fled to Albania. In the 268-page indictment, there are 21 defendants, including Faruk Fatih Özer, his older brother Güven Özer and his older sister Serap Özer, and 2 thousand 27 people as complainants.

In the indictment, Koineks Teknoloji A.Ş. It is recorded that a total of 356 million TL worth of damage was incurred from the crimes committed within the body of (Thodex).

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In the indictment, 21 defendants have been charged with ‘establishing and managing an organization for the purpose of committing a crime’, ‘Fraud by using information systems as a tool from banks or credit institutions’ and ‘Fraud of merchants or company executives and cooperative managers and laundering of property values ​​resulting from crime’ for a total of 12,164 years. He is asked to be sentenced to 40 thousand 564 years in prison.

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