Famous comedian Bruno Arena passed away

Member of the Fichi d’India duo, one of the leading names in Italian comedy Bruno ArenaHe passed away at the age of 65.

Sad news Italian musician Paul Bell announced. Arena, who started his career in the tourism and entertainment industry and continued as a comedian with the suggestion of his close friend Max Cavallari, made a splash with the Fichi D’India duo.

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RIP grande amico mio ?? #bruno pic.twitter.com/TMRamwilH

— paolo belli (@paolobelliswing) September 28, 2022

Arena, who also appeared in productions such as Colorado, Zelig, Do You Know The Latest, had a brain hemorrhage during the shooting of the Zelig movie in 2013 and quit acting.

The actor, who had a partial paralysis after this incident, was in a coma for a long time. Miraculously, Arena woke up from the coma and was discharged after 1.5 months.

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Bruno Arena had a traffic accident in 1984 and had to undergo many surgeries.

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