Family of Antalyaspor football player Naldo’s family had an accident: The condition of his son, who jumped out of the vehicle, is severe

AntalyasporBrazilian football player Naldo Pereria‘s son, father-in-law and mother-in-law were involved in a traffic accident.

The accident occurred at the uncontrolled intersection at the intersection of 1255 street and Toroslar Street in Uncalı Mahallesi of Konyaaltı district at around 11:00 am. The car with the plate number 34 FG 4053, driven by the driver whose name could not be learned while driving on 1255 street, hit the car with license plate number 07 ACP 207 under the control of Italian Walter Tilatti, who was determined to be the father-in-law of Antalyaspor football player Brazilian Naldo.


Due to the impact of the collision, the car used by Tilatti hit the motorcycle with the plate number 07 FEC 17 used by Cüneyt Eslik, who was traveling in the same direction. While Tilatti was stuck in the driver’s seat in the accident, his wife Alexandra Nardy and the 4-year-old son of football player Naldo Davi Pereira were ejected from the vehicle.

Upon the notification of those who saw the accident, many police, firefighters and medical teams were sent to the region. The medical team, who arrived in a short time, took Davi, who was seriously injured, to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention. The driver of the car with license plate 34 FG 4053, which survived the accident with minor injuries, was also taken to the hospital by the same ambulance. The team in the other ambulance that came to the accident site intervened in Alexandra Nardy and motorcycle driver Cüneyt Eslik.


Meanwhile, the people around tried to get Walter Tilatti, who was stuck in the car, out of the vehicle. While the medical team intervened in Tilatti from a door of the car, the citizens tried to break the door with an iron crowbar and remove it from where it was. However, the efforts of the citizens were in vain. A Portuguese-speaking citizen tried to calm him by talking to Tilatti. The fire brigade, who came to the scene, broke the door with scissors and took out Tilatti.

Tilatti, who was taken on a stretcher by the medical team, was taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, some citizens used fans to cool Cüneyt Eslik, to whom the medical team intervened, while others tried to protect him from the sun with thin cushions. Eslik and Alexandra Nardy were also taken to the hospital after the intervention. While the cars involved in the accident were removed with the help of a tow truck, the road was opened to traffic after the cleaning works.


The football player Naldo and Antalyaspor President Sabri Gülel, who learned about the accident, went to the Akdeniz University Hospital, where the injured were taken.

It was learned that the condition of Naldo’s mother-in-law and father-in-law improved, and his son Davi was taken to surgery.

Naldo and his family

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