Family of Antalyaspor football player Naldo’s family had an accident: His son’s condition is severe

Community Members Attempted to Rescue Them from the Vehicle

During this time, bystanders made efforts to extricate Walter Tilatti, who was trapped inside the car. While the medical team provided assistance to Tilatti through one of the car’s doors, onlookers attempted to force open the door using an iron pry bar in an attempt to free him. Unfortunately, the citizens’ endeavors proved futile. A Portuguese-speaking individual tried to soothe Tilatti by engaging in conversation with him. The fire brigade, upon arriving at the scene, used cutting shears to break open the door and successfully extracted Tilatti.

Tilatti, who was placed on a stretcher by the medical team, was subsequently transported to the hospital. In the meantime, some citizens employed fans to cool down Cüneyt Eslik, who had received medical attention, while others used thin cushions to shield him from the sun’s rays. Following the intervention, Eslik and Alexandra Nardy were also conveyed to the hospital. The vehicles involved in the accident were towed away, and the road was reopened to traffic after cleaning efforts.


Upon learning of the accident, football player Naldo, along with Antalyaspor President Sabri Gülel, paid a visit to Akdeniz University Hospital, where the injured individuals had been taken.

It was reported that Naldo’s mother-in-law and father-in-law’s conditions had improved, while his son Davi underwent surgery.

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