EYT members will not pay property tax! Who will cover the exemption?

Social Security Specialist Özgür Kaya conveyed the details as follows;

Of course, those who retire this year and even what we call EYT coverage would also have to pay real estate taxes or tax if they have real estate. However, our citizens within the scope of EYT, who retired within this year, that is, in 2023, will submit their declarations until the end of March when they arrive in 2023. If they have only one residence and these residences do not exceed 200 square meters, they will not pay property tax.


We got into the subject through EYT, but real estate tax is an application that concerns all our retirees and even all our citizens.

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Exemption means exemption from tax. That means you are exempt from tax. Retirees who do not continue their working life after retirement, retirees who have the only residence not exceeding 200 square meters, widows and orphans, relatives of martyrs, veterans are evaluated within the scope of exemption and property tax is not collected.

A family member can be a parent, for example. It could be a sibling, it could be a child. So you have a home. You are retired. If you have this house as a second house, if your child or family member lives, you are exempt from property tax since this does not mean income.

You have a land, a land, a workplace that does not generate income. But here is an area that you use as a workplace. Here, for example, on land and you may not have any tenants. You may not be mowing. There may not be any tenants on your land. You may not have any tenants at work, it may be vacant. This place is also exempt from property tax.

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As we mentioned, our EYT members who retired in 2023 have to pay property tax if they are over 150 thousand TL. If they have an income of less than 150 thousand, they can benefit from real estate tax at a discount of two per thousand.

The deadline is 31 May. Applications must be made, payment dates, and declarations must be submitted in March on the basis of applications. Citizens who want to take advantage of these exemptions must submit their exemption documents to the municipalities they live in.

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If you do not present the exemption document, you will be charged real estate tax. So you will have to pay for it. To benefit from this exemption, you must present your exemption certificate to the municipality. Our citizens who miss the date of May 31 may face a penalty payment.

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