EYT last minute… Minister Bilgin announced the latest situation at EYT! EYT news…

EYT last minute after the Minister Bilgin’s statement. EYT news took its place in Reminding that two models in social media are not on the table, Minister Bilgin stated that one model is on the table.


Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, made important statements about the age-at-retirement (EYT). Minister Bilgin said, “There is talk of Dutch and German models, this is not true. At the moment, there is only one EYT formula on our table.”


In Noyan Doğan’s article on the subject, regarding EYT, “The Working Group will first determine who is old enough to retire, and then a solution will be sought. September 8, 1999 is an important date for those who come of age in retirement. In order for the insured to retire before this date, it was sufficient for female employees to have an insurance period of 20 years and paid premiums for 5 thousand days, and for male employees to have an insurance period of 25 years and paid premiums for 5 thousand days; There was no age requirement. With the change made in the social security system on September 8, 1999, an age requirement was introduced for retirement in addition to the insurance period and the number of premium days. In order to be able to retire, the retirement age was gradually reduced to 58 for women and 60 for men, and the number of premium days was increased to 7 thousand days. This gave rise to the EYT problem.

With a clearer explanation; Even though those who were insured before 8 September 1999 completed the required working year and number of premium days for retirement, they could not retire because they did not meet the age requirement with the amendment made, and they are stuck on retirement age. This is what we call EYT members. Of course, among this group, there are those who started working before September 8, 1999, but did not complete the number of premium days or working years. Only this segment is not obsessed with retirement age. Since the gradual age requirement was introduced with the regulation made in 1999, there are some people who are insured after this date and are waiting to retire even though they have completed both the working year and the number of premium days, and they call themselves EYT.” used his statements.


Those who were insured before 8 September 1999 could normally retire if they fulfilled the partial retirement conditions. The study is expected to be clarified before the end of 2022 and to be enacted in 2023.

Last minute… EYT statement from Minister Bilgin

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