Explosion in the Dominican Republic: The death toll rises to 25

A high-ranking civil defense official, who preferred not to disclose their identity, informed the Associated Press that firefighters were diligently extinguishing the fire resulting from the explosion.

The official further disclosed that the casualty count has risen to 25 following an explosion at a bakery in the area known as the “Old Marketplace.” The bodies that have been discovered have been dispatched to forensic medicine for the purpose of identification.


Ito Bisono, the Minister of Industry and Trade, also addressed reporters, characterizing the bazaar explosion as “very substantial.” He confirmed that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Approximately 500 search and rescue personnel, along with over 30 ambulances, were dispatched to the site of the explosion. Health authorities advised residents to wear masks due to concerns about the fumes.

Regrettably, there are concerns that the death toll may rise.

Pura Casilla, the Governor of San Cristobal, announced that the explosion took place in an area densely populated with businesses and had a significant impact on enterprises in proximity to the city center.

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