Expert warned: Pay attention to nutrition in chronic diseases

Expert Dietician Kübra Tekay made warnings and suggestions to families regarding child health with the opening of schools.

Drawing attention to the importance of physical and mental development in children who are just starting school, Tekay said:

“Nutrition is extremely important for children who have just started school, especially those in the 6-12 age group, in terms of preventing chronic diseases that may occur in the future and providing them with healthy, adequate and balanced nutrition. Children’s resistance should not decrease, their mental and cognitive as well as physical performance should increase, their immunity should increase.” There are some rules to prevent it from falling.


The first of these is to ensure the continued development and growth of children, the second is to ensure that children taste every food by providing nutritional diversity, the third is to provide children with normal and balanced eating habits, and finally, to increase their physical, physical and mental performance both in school and in daily life. For this reason, we recommend that children have a solid and balanced breakfast.

Some children may refuse to eat fruit directly. In this case, the thing to do is not to cool them from the fruit, but to make the fruit in its homemade form in the form of juice and give it to them in moderate amounts. We want the fruit to be given in moderate amounts because in a glass of fruit juice, they get a little more fruit than the amount of fruit they should consume daily. Unfortunately, this can cause obesity when consumed too much.


Packaged products should be avoided, and children’s water consumption is also important. Water bottles left next to the lunchboxes that may attract their attention can also encourage children to drink water. “I wish success to all children who have just started school and wish them healthy days with their families.”

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