Everything is TDK writing… How is everything written, combined or separate?

Everything is among words whose spelling is often confused. The Turkish Language Association shared the details of the correct spelling of this word with examples. Here is the information on the writing of the word ‘everything’…


People who search for “everything” in the TDK dictionary are faced with the warning “this word is not found”. In other words, according to the Turkish Language Association, the word “everything” is written separately.


The examples given by the Turkish Language Association regarding everything written are as follows…

Example 1: Everything has its time

Example 2: Everything is new, your friend is old

Example 3: Absence of everything is non-existence.

As a result, it is wrong to write the word “everything” together. The correct spelling of this word should be “everything”.

It’s all over: FALSE

It’s all over: TRUE

Something TDK spelling… How to write something?

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