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Özdağ made a statement on his Twitter account, “The first call from the CHP came on May 18. The first visit was on May 19. The second visit was made on May 22. The protocol was signed on May 24. It was 3.5 days to the Victory Party. “The mistake made in the build-up in these 3.5 days has only improved so much. The Victory Party has done its part. However, the mistake made in the strategy is not corrected with tactical success. The Victory Party will continue on the line of Atatürk without compromising the struggle for Turkish nationalism,” he said.


Emphasizing that there is a Victory Party reality that neither global powers nor Turkish political elements can ignore anymore, Özdağ said, “I invite all our citizens, who have been dragged from one defeat to another for 21 years, to the Victory Party for the victory of the Turkish nation. The next process will be very difficult for Turkey. Erdogan has won. However, this is a Pyrrhic victory. He was defeated while winning. In short, there is no room for despair. My dear friends, members of the organization of the Victory Party, said, “At the end of this struggle, we will crown the victory of the Turkish nation.” (DHA)

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