Favorite of trekkers: Kaz Mountains

Ida with a thousand springs in mythology, Kaz Mountains, Sütüven Waterfall, Sarıkız Hill, Tozlu Plateau, Ayı Stream, Şahinderesi Canyon welcomes its visitors in all four seasons of the year. In the Babadağ location of the Kazdağları, at an altitude of about 1700 meters, in autumn, images that do not look like nature documentaries are created … Read more

CHP’s Tanal’s application to the Ministry “Cancel the tender for the wild goat massacre in Van”

CHP Istanbul Deputy Atty. Mahmut Tanal applied to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with a petition and demanded the cancellation of the tender for the hunting of wild goats under protection in the Pagan region in the Gürpınar district of the 14th Regional Directorate Van Provincial Branch of the provincial organization of the Ministry. … Read more

The decision of IMM to demolish illegal cafes was blocked by Üsküdar Municipality, the district governor’s office and the ministry.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) attempt to demolish and open to the public the illegal structures on the Üsküdar coastal road, one of the most valuable places in Istanbul, was blocked by the AKP’s Üsküdar Municipality, the district governor’s office and the Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change. IMM started the demolition process to … Read more

Combating climate change can be possible with transformation in every field

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) considers the transition to a net-zero emissions path in line with climate goals as an economy-wide transformation process. ITUC defines fair transformation as a set of plans, policies and investments that enable a future where all work is in harmony with nature and climate, is decent, poverty is eliminated … Read more

‘Turkey should make good use of its renewable energy potential’

Energy Policy Specialist Necdet Pamir stated that the most important potential for Turkey to reduce foreign dependency in energy and even become independent is the rich renewable energy resources and said, “It should also rapidly increase its capacity to produce domestically the equipment that will convert these resources into usable energy.” Pointing out that foreign … Read more

What is a carbon footprint? How is the carbon footprint measured?

Carbon footprintis the measurement of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of human activities in terms of carbon dioxide. Heating, transportation, food, enlightenment, industry cause a carbon emission that exceeds the biocapacity of humanity. The increasing amount of carbon in the atmosphere causes the earth to warm up and threatens life on … Read more