Artvin faces mining strike again

The company, which applied to the ministry for the EIA in order to enlarge the existing 16.12 hectares mine, wants to realize an open mine project in an area of ​​602.22 hectares. Accordingly, the mining project, which will affect approximately 848 football fields, covers a part of Gümüşhane village and the entire Köseler Plateau. In … Read more

Agile force and construction equipment entered the neighborhood

After the Tokatköy and Hacıhüsre neighborhoods, a morning raid was also made on Tozkoparan. Riot riot teams were sent to the region in the early hours of the morning for the demolition of 4 empty buildings in the Tozkoparan District of Güngören, Istanbul. The teams blockading the neighborhood did not allow anyone, including the press, … Read more

Walking in Aydos Forest is now paid!

The works of the national garden project in the Aydos Forest in Istanbul continue despite all the reactions of the citizens. The forest, which is the first degree protected area of ​​the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and the AKP’s Sancaktepe Municipality, is being destroyed for the parking lot of 500 vehicles. In … Read more

Minister Murat Kurum confirmed the cancellation of Kanal Istanbul’s zoning application

The news of the cancellation of the construction application of Kanal Istanbul, announced by the Republic, fell like a bomb on the agenda of Turkey. After the news that our newspaper made in the headline yesterday and made a sound, the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum said, “A new zoning application … Read more

The Ministry accepted our news of the cancellation of the project in Kanal Istanbul by saying ‘zoning change’

Our newspaper todayThe Ministry has disabled the plans of ‘Canal Istanbul’, which Erdogan calls a crazy project!With the news titled “, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “crazy project” It was revealed that the plans of Kanal Istanbul were quietly canceled. The property owners in the plans prepared for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phases of the … Read more