Bigg Boss Malayalam Fame Robin Radhakrishnan Says His First Priority Is Mental Peace

Feature oi-Ranjina P Mathew | Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 22:40 [IST] Bigg Boss Season 4 Fame No other contestant has got the same acceptance as Rob. That’s how Robin Radhakrishnan wave is in Kerala. But as his fame increased, so did his enemies. Many people came forward against Robin with evidence, accusing him of … Read more

siddique about actress kanaka; reveals how her mother’s demise affected her

Kanaka was not actually considered for this film at first. The actress was Urvashi. But later Kanaka was decided instead of Urvashi. Director Siddique himself clarified this. Siddique also opened up about the crises that happened in Kanaka’s life. Also Read: ‘We used to be like this too… now only memories’; Fans say how simple … Read more

Kudumbavilakku Latest Promo Shows Sumithra Warned Vedhika About His Daughter

Recently there was a wedding discussion at Srinilayam house. Sumitra Rohit was showing the wedding affairs by making the audience excited. Promo videos related to this have been getting good response on social media. But suddenly there is a twist in the story. Sumitra’s younger daughter Sheetal is currently having love issues in the Srinilayam … Read more

‘We used to be like this too… now only memories’; Amritaena is so simple…

Kudumbavilak is an Asianet series that has been taken over by the Malayali audience. Amrita is the daughter of Sumitra, the main character of Kudumbavilak, and Amrita is a Malayalee’s favorite actress. Although she appeared in many serials and other shows even before Kudumbavilak, it was Sheetal who made Amrita famous among the Malayalis. The … Read more

‘Are you saying that they are separated? But it is Vishnu who stands full, tell the truth…’; That…

Actress Anushree is a well-known name to serial and mini-screen audiences. Anushree Prakriti is an actress who made her debut on the mini screen as a child star. Anushree grew up to be the mini screen’s own star by playing the role of a boy in the serial Omanathingal Pakshi. Today, Anushree is handling important … Read more