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on NB New Energy Answering Zehra Küçük’s questions, Karaçay evaluated the latest developments in the energy sector.

While emphasizing the role of renewable energy in green transformation, Karaçay explained why green hydrogen would be hope and Turkey’s potential in this field:

“The Russia-Ukraine war underlines the security of energy supply. If you are dependent on a country, you may feel helpless as soon as it says I am cutting the gas. For this reason, on the one hand, turning to alternative energy sources and on the other hand increasing renewable energy production has become the main goal. We are experiencing a process that all converges in the production of green hydrogen.

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Electricity is obtained from the sun and the wind. Green hydrogen is then produced by decomposing and electrolyzing this electricity from water.

This both serves to store electricity and can be used as fuel.

When the waste is pure water, it is the most valuable reason for preference.

I started working in the field of renewable energy with the understanding of a responsible citizen of the world, right after my education in England. Now, I have thoroughly experienced the sector until I come to the activities we carry out with our own company. Turkey’s natural resources offer great potential for wind and solar power plants.

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We must try to realize this potential as soon as possible.

The European Union prioritizes use as well as green hydrogen production. All developments lead to a potential where the Turkish economy will also make great profits and can transform from an energy importer to an exporter.

In addition, for Energy independence, the production to be completed with green hydrogen will give us great strength. 16 out of 27 EU members announced their green hydrogen strategy. Our work also continues. Turkey’s formation of our strategy and production is extremely valuable both for our country and for the future of our children.”

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What is the source of Green Hydrogen? Will it be the fuel of the future?

What is the Green Hydrogen potential in Turkey?

Zehra Küçük asks, Pure Energy Managing Partner Argun Karaçay answers…

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