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Elusive rainbow snake spotted in Florida national forest for first time says expert

An uncommon rainbow snake was seen slithering through a Florida woods a week, marking the first time in 50 years that the multicolored serpent was seen in the region, experts stated.

Tracey Cauthen stumbled upon the 4-foot rainbow snake through a rise in Ocala National Forest at Marion County, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) research institute composed on Facebook.

Photographs reveal the reptile’s iridescent scales with stripes of pink and crimson and its sides and to its stomach.

Rainbow snakes have known customs that were cryptic.

Cauthen’s locate marked the earliest recorded sighting of this snake in Marion County since 1969, the Florida Museum of Natural History affirmed into the FWC.

1 theory of this rainbow snake made a rare appearance is since it had been made in a reservoir from its habitat.

The nonvenomous species is a highly-aquatic snake, and can also be known as an”eel moccasin” following its penchant for eating eel, ” the bureau stated. The serpents live a lot of their own lives burrowing near creeks, lakes, marshes, and tidal flats and concealed beneath vegetation.

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