‘Election’ time for health workers

While the propaganda works of the government for the elections continue, the unfinished projects are opened one after the other. It was revealed that the Defne State Hospital in Hatay, which was adversely affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, was opened before the construction was completed. It has been learned that the hospital has not yet officially entered the hospital status and that the health workers assigned to work in this institution do not have an official assignment letter.

Released: 27.05.2023 – 03:00

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Updated: 27.05.2023 – 03:03


on the subject Republic’Turkish Medical Association (TTB) Central Committee Member speaking to e Onur Naci Karahanci, He stated that health workers who are officially assigned to other institutions are employed in the said hospital.


A doctor assigned to the hospital in question, who did not want to be named, stated that his staff appeared in Hatay Training and Research Hospital, but was called to Defne State Hospital to work:

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“When I went to the hospital, I asked for my assignment paper, but they told me that I would work with verbal instructions. When I stated that I could not work in this situation, they threatened me with a report of denial of duty. When they insisted, they said that the article in question did not exist and that I could go.”

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