Election statement from Ali Babacan: We are not defeated

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan made a statement at the party headquarters regarding the uncertain results of the Presidential Election runoff. Babacan stated that 52 percent of the voters made their choice in favor of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “I congratulate him. My call to him is to use this authority given by our citizens without deviating from the principles of justice, merit and consultation. Our citizens have given the DEVA Party the task of conducting democratic control in these elections. “We will continue to do this task in the best possible way. Our party will begin to work intensively for local elections immediately from tomorrow,” he said.


Babacan said that they saw images that do not suit the country and do not serve social peace at the ballot boxes in the elections, “However, the main problem is that we experienced all kinds of injustice and unlawfulness during the propaganda period leading up to the elections. While Erdoğan was actually using the powers and possibilities of being president, he was also a candidate. In his campaign, there were montage videos, lies, slanders, insults, smears. He used public property and opportunities in his election campaign. He almost completely allocated the press organs owned by the state and the nation to himself, to a single party. He used public institutions as a tool for the election. Deputy of the Ministers “When they became candidates, they did not leave their jobs. They used the powers and opportunities given by being a minister to the fullest in the election campaign. In short, they entered the right of use for the sake of winning the election,” he said.

Babacan stated that no game was lost and said, “There is no room for despair and pessimism. We are not among those who disappeared until the next election calendar started. Together with the authorized institutions of our party Selection results We will make comprehensive evaluations on the subject in the coming days,” he said.


Arguing that President Erdogan will not be able to govern the country, Babacan said, “Because there are no more knowledgeable, hardworking, righteous and honest cadres anymore. I’m sorry to say; we will only see the continuation of the worsening in every field. However, we are here. We are strong enough to say ‘stop’ to every wrong. We will constantly put forward our recommendations and suggestions about the truth. We are the people who will defend the rights of the patriotic and honorable citizens of this country against those who have called 48 percent of this country ‘terrorists’ for months. We will build our social peace against those who have broken the hearts of 48 percent of this country for months. “We are also the people who will turn this whole election process into a war and fill all the streets with peace against those who declared 48 percent of this country to be the enemy,” he said.


Expressing that democracy is not a competition, Babacan said, “Democracy is not a race in which one wins, the other loses, one wins and the other loses. My friends who voted for Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, we are not defeated. We are equal and honorable citizens of the Republic of Turkey. May our conscience be at ease. Together we have been on the right side of history. We have fought fairly. Because we are right. We will continue to fight with the strength of being right.”

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