Eğirdir Lake reached the level where “even a drop of water cannot be taken” – Last Minute Turkey News

Türkiye has left a dry summer behind. Critical levels were seen in dams and lakes in many parts of the country.

One of those spots is Lake Eğirdir in Isparta.

Presidential Türkiye National Risk Shield Model Board Member and TTKD Scientific Advisor Dr. Erol Kesici viewed and reacted to the wild agriculturally irrigated apple orchards around Eğirdir Lake, whose water level has dropped and is in danger of drought.

In the special provision regarding the lake, which contains the necessary legal and technical principles for the regulation of all kinds of activities in the basin in order to protect the existing water quality of Lake Eğirdir and ensure its sustainable use, it is stated that “According to Article C of the General Provisions, the water level in Lake Eğirdir is after (from) 914.74 meters.” “No way is it allowed to draw water from the lake.” He pointed out that it was said.

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