Education unions stand up against religious assignments in schools: ‘Spiritual’ imposition

Education unions took action for the ÇEDES practice, which is interpreted as religious pressure in schools. Education Business and Education Power Sen wrote a petition to the Ministry of National Education and asked for the application to be canceled because it is against the curriculum. Eğitim-İş announced that they will take the matter to the judiciary.

Kadem Özbay, President of Eğitim-İş said that after the President and Parliament elections, the government accelerated its efforts to regressive education, “Imams and preachers have started to be sent to schools in Eskişehir and İzmir. Especially in İzmir, the number of schools with imams is increasing day by day. According to the protocol, an imam, muezzin, preacher, religious services specialist and Quran course teacher will be sent to 1 out of every 3 schools in İzmir under the name of “spiritual advisor”.


Özbay used the following statements: “The ÇEDES protocol contradicts the constitution and the Basic Law of National Education. Expelling students from the classroom during the lesson or being exposed to this “training” during the lesson instead of a lesson they have to take will mean the usurpation of their constitutionally guaranteed education rights.

In this project, which also includes primary schools, adults who are unaware of pedagogy and who have not received scientific training on how to approach children are admitted to schools, which should be the area where children feel safest.

Again, in these schools, there is a risk that the children of our citizens belonging to different religious beliefs may feel in danger. Schools need teachers, not “spiritual counselors.”

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