Do the Turkish people trust the campaigns during the Black Friday period? Here are the research results

The results of the Black Friday research conducted by Areda Survey with 1,100 people revealed that the Turkish people did not trust the campaigns made during this period.

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During the Black Friday period, which is considered as ‘Legend Friday’ in Turkey, consumers are encouraged to shop with advertising campaigns. According to the research conducted by Areda Survey, 56.8 percent of consumers do not trust the discounts during the campaign period. During this period, 33.1 percent of consumers do not shop, while 66.9 percent do not prefer to shop.

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According to the research, 35.1 percent of Turkish people consider this period as Legendary Friday. 75.4 percent of the shopping in this period is made in online marketplaces. Social media ads stand out among the factors that affect shopping, with 39.6%.


The research was carried out with 1,100 people between September 22 and October 05, using the CAWI technique, one of the quantitative research methods, and ‘Areda Survey’s Profile Based Digital Panel’.

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