Dimitris Itoudis: ‘Referees provoked Davis’

Anadolu Efes defeated Fenerbahçe Beko 97-91 in the 3rd match of the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League semi-final series and took a 2-1 lead in the series.

After the match, Fenerbahce coach Dimitris Itoudis made a statement to the broadcaster.

“I think both coaches should talk. I came here out of respect. First of all, I congratulate Efes. We will try to win the 4th game. However, different criteria were applied by the referees today. In a critical match with so many quality players, one side has 32 free players and one side has 10 freebies,” he said. His shooting raises the question marks. I want to return to the 2nd game. A player from Efes made a gesture towards the stands twice, he was not penalized. In the TOFAŞ match, Guduric received a technical foul due to his gesture. In the previous match, 0.3 seconds remained after Clyburn’s three pointer, we gave him that They didn’t play 0.3 seconds. Today I had a player on the side for the substitution, they didn’t allow the substitution. I say it again, congratulations to Efes, this is really important.”


“I’m asking my assistant coach, please focus the camera on the position. (Computer shows the position where Nigel Hayes-Davis got a technical foul). I want to show a position. Bryant holds Nigel’s hand. Even then Elijah comes over and ‘holds his hand so you don’t score’ The referees don’t blow anything. Nigel is provoked when the whistle doesn’t come out and he gets a technical foul. Bryant pulls his opponent, the referee doesn’t call him a foul (93-91 Nigel had Hayes-Davis watch the foul played at the rebound position) M’Baye on the rebound “I don’t know how they didn’t see this foul, maybe they were watching another game. That’s the case. You see, there’s a vertical movement and who’s holding Nigel’s hand? M’Baye. They called a defensive foul on this position. Score 93- It was 91. I didn’t want to come here and talk about the referees, but today there was a big difference in free throws. There were clearly many chances. There will be people who will give us credit. Thank you for your time, I hope you don’t misunderstand what I did. Congratulations to Efes, they have a great team, a great coach, but we also play basketball.”

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