Diabetes is most common in people working in these professions!

Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Mustafa DoganHe said that there has been an increase in diabetic disease recently.

Stating that the age of the disease has also decreased, Doğan said, “As the frequency of diabetes has increased, there has also been an increase in diabetic disease. Today, the prevalence of diabetes in society has reached over 15 percent. Diabetes is an insidious disease, especially in the diabetic foot, microvascular circulation is impaired and nerve vessels are affected.” Because of this, the person cannot feel the trauma and wounds on his/her feet. These wounds progress slowly, and when they start to hurt the person, the person goes to the hospital. Sometimes, this situation can be a very late stage and unfortunately, the person can lose his/her limbs at this stage. We can encounter finger losses, foot and limb losses today. “The most common cause of limb loss is diabetic foot,” he said.


Stating that they frequently see diabetic foot disease, especially in some professional workers, Doğan said, “The main reason for diabetic foot is the deregulation of diabetes. People with diabetes will receive an early diagnosis, use their medications regularly, and lifestyle changes are a must. At least one that will provide daily physical activity.” Walks of up to one hour are recommended. Nutrition: A person will survive with a correct diet. When these three pillars come together, the incidence of diabetic foot and other complications will be minimized. We see diabetic foot more frequently, especially in some professional groups. Especially people who need to stand all day long. “Diabetic feet are more common in diabetic foot workers, construction workers and drivers. Wearing soft footwear that will protect the feet of these people will reduce the occurrence of such complications,” he said.

Associate Professor. Mustafa Doğan stated that they also encounter diabetic foot in people in their 30s and said, “Organ losses, finger amputations, foot or knee amputations can even occur in these age groups. The reason for this is that diabetes is not managed well. Could it have an effect in the future? Yes, it can, children.” “Although the main cause of diabetes is type 1 diabetes, obesity and high-calorie diet can increase the complications of existing diabetes and facilitate the conversion to diabetes in people without diabetes,” he said.

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