Detention and deportation of singer Asya Alizade

The Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Asya Alizade, a singer of Azeri origin who makes rap music in Turkey, on the allegation that she encourages drug use in her music videos. As part of the investigation, the teams of the Istanbul Police Department Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch examined the clips of Asya Alizade.

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In the examination, it was determined that Alizade used the phrase ‘like marijuana’ in English in one of her music videos. After the studies, the teams detained Alizade, who had a warrant for her arrest, in her home in Ataşehir. Alizade, who was transferred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station, was released after his statement.

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Alizade was handed over to the repatriation center to be sent back to her country on the grounds that she was a foreign national and was involved in a crime.

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