Description of Volkan Demirel from Beşiktaş management

Beşiktaş Club Board Member Umut Şenol shared on Twitter about the statements of Hatayspor Technical Director Volkan Demirel.

Saying that Volkan Demirel’s words were distorted, Şenol said, “I am calling out to the hard-headed jackals of the sports world who want to connect Volkan Demirel’s interview with Beşiktaş’s just struggle, even though they have nothing to do with it. Both Volkan and Gökhan Zan have done great things to raise the morale of the people there. ” used his statements.

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In an interview with the “L1 Üçgen” YouTube channel, Volkan Demirel said, “Let the points scored or the matches played or not be counted… I think it is very wrong to even talk about these in the current environment. I wish they would prefer not to talk about this issue. Because it doesn’t suit me. It’s too small for me. It sounded like calculations. Because Hatay was deleted. I don’t want to renew the pain, but one of my players, one of my sporting directors lost their lives. These were erased from life, what would happen if your 3 points were deleted? had used the words.

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