Derby morale for Ersen Martin, whose aorta was torn

Former football player who is in a wheelchair and continues to be treated Ersen MartinAfter the match between Beşiktaş, where he played for a while, with Galatasaray at Vodafone Park, he met with the players of both teams.

Unable to speak and move yet, Martin took a souvenir photo with the players.

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Galatasaray Technical Director Okan Buruk He also had a short talk with his friend Ersen Martin, with whom he played in the National Team.

Buruk, giving morale to Ersen Martin, “I saw you well. We pray for you. You will be like a lion. Our prayers and hearts are with you. everyone loves you so much” said.

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Besiktas Coach Senol Gunes On the other hand, he kissed Martin, whom he received information about his situation from his assistant, and conveyed his wishes to get well soon.

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