Deniz Tekin reacts to the unauthorized use of the song of Umit Özlale from the IYI Party

GOOD Party General President Meral Aksenerthat they will nominate candidates in 81 provinces in local elections, Izmir‘also Umit Ozlaleannounced that they would nominate

Özlale, who started working in this context, shared an advertisement video on Twitter yesterday.

Özlale, Deniz Tekin in the video ‘A Sunset in Izmir’ Quoting Özlale’s post, Tekin reacted by saying that permission was not taken from him as a commentator or from his father as the author of the song.

Tekin used the following statements in his social media account:

“For the song “Sunset in Izmir” used in this video, permission was not taken from me as the commentator, nor from my father as the author. For your information, what can I say now. The use of any intellectual product in public, regardless of its reputation, is subject to the permission of the commentator/work owner and the publisher, if any. In daily processes, it requires at least a verbal and written consent in a smooth operation. As a sub-parenthesis: İYP, CHP, TİP, any political party, such a propaganda work is subject to all kinds of permission and information.”

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