Decision in the murder case of lawyer Dilara Yıldız – Last Minute Türkiye News

The sentence of the murderer of Lawyer Dilara Yıldız, who was killed in Istanbul, has been determined.

Arrested defendant Oktay Dönmez attended the decision hearing at the Anatolian 16th High Criminal Court. The lawyers of the complainants and the parties were also present at the hearing.

Announcing that it will decide the hearing, the court board asked the accused for his last words.

The detained defendant Dönmez stated that he had nothing to say.

Announcing its decision, the court board ruled that the accused be sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment for the crime of “deliberate killing by design”.

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The delegation also sentenced the accused to 20 years in prison for “qualified looting”, “deprivation of liberty by force and threat”, “violating the immunity of residence at night by force and threat”, “threat with a gun” and “possession of an unlicensed weapon”.


Attorney Dilara Yıldız (29) was killed with a gun by her ex-fiancee Oktay Dönmez in a restaurant on Tuzla Sahilyolu Street on January 11, 2022. It was determined that the suspect, who was detained at the scene, sent threatening messages to Yıldız.

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In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the accused Oktay Dönmez has been accused of “deliberate killing by design with a monstrous feeling”, “attempting to loot with a gun”, “violating the inviolability of residence”, “deprivation of liberty”, “possession of an unlicensed weapon” and “threatened with a gun”. Aggravated life imprisonment and imprisonment of up to 36 years and 3 months were requested for his crimes.

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