Date of payment of Diesel Fertilizer support… When will the Diesel Fertilizer support be paid, how much is the fee?

The information on the date of payment of the diesel fertilizer support paid to the farmers included in the farmer registration system is on the agenda. Announcing that the expected payment in March was brought forward by 6 months, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci made new statements about diesel and fertilizer payments.


Minister Kirisci; “We will put our 2022 support, diesel and fertilizer support, which we will pay in 2023, forward by 6 months, and at the end of this month, at the beginning of the next month, at the latest, we will upload them to your Ziraat Bank cards in kind. In other words, you will only be able to buy diesel and fertilizer. We will not consent to the use of money outside the sector or for any other purpose.We want the money to be used in the agricultural sector.

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For this, it will be loaded in kind on the card that will be given to you 6 months in advance. Hopefully, we will be giving you this support by the end of this month. When you go to the field, you will have used your diesel and fertilizer for planting from the credit that will be loaded on your card. As Ziraat Bank, we have a loan. Subsidized loans. Some of them are 0 interest. The limit of these loans was 100 thousand liras. We will increase the limit of these to 200 thousand liras and ensure that 50 percent of this is used only in the purchase of diesel and fertilizer. We will implement this in a short time.” said.

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According to this information, diesel and fertilizer support is expected to be deposited in the accounts in October.


Minister Vahit Kirişçi also touched upon the prices of diesel and fertilizer support. Minister Kirisci; “There was 22 liras of diesel fuel and 20 liras of fertilizer support per decare in cereals. Now we are increasing our 22 liras of diesel support to 75 liras and 20 liras of fertilizer to 46 liras. Thus, we have increased our support to 121 liras per decare. We have done what is necessary by listening to the voice of the producer.” made the statement.

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