Crucial importance of Turkey-EU relations emphasized by Turkish Vice resident

Yılmaz highlighted that these relationships possess deep-rooted and multifaceted dimensions, particularly underscored by the tangible implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Yılmaz went on to stress Turkey’s firm belief in the urgent need to remove political obstacles hindering its relations with the EU. He asserted that taking this step would help reinvigorate the partnership and ensure the ongoing availability of structural dialogue mechanisms. In this context, he placed significant emphasis on two pivotal agenda items: the modernization of the Customs Union agreement and expediting discussions on visa liberalization.

Furthermore, he conveyed Ankara’s perception of the strengthening and broadening of financial collaboration with the EU as a fundamental element within the EU accession process. According to him, this collaborative effort would unlock new opportunities, including initiatives related to green transformation, digitalization, sustainable urban transportation, and clean energy.

While expressing gratitude for the EU’s support following the twin earthquakes that struck southern Turkey on February 6, Yılmaz urged the prompt delivery of the aid commitments made by the EU during the International Donors’ Conference on March 20.

These devastating earthquakes, registering magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6, resulted in over 50,000 casualties and impacted more than 14 million individuals in Turkey, as well as thousands in northern Syria.

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