Criticism from Trump to Biden administration: USA is going to hell

Former US President Donald Trumpevaluated the current issues to Fox News.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden criticizing the steps of his administration in foreign policy, USAof “you’re going to hell” argued.

Trump, of his country “strong leadership” He said he needed it.

Trump, “Our country is going to hell. We are going backwards as a nation right now” used his statements.

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Trump criticizes Biden administration “The country is in a mess. The country will not survive with the policies it is currently pursuing” said.

Trump also emphasized that he needs a strong leader who will take his country out of the crisis environment, “Look, I want to see a great leader in this country who is more important than a Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative. I want someone who can stand up to Chinese President Xi Jinping.” he said.

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He criticizes BIDEN’s Immigration Policy

Should Trump be re-elected, he may cross the border illegally under Biden’s open border policies. “guilty” immigration policy, starting with the deportation of immigrants “too fast” He said he would somehow restore it.

Trump, “There are millions of people who should not be in the country right now. Most of them are prisoners. They are criminals. I will deport the bad guys. Yes. Millions, millions of people are poisoning our country.” said.

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