Controversial ‘clothing’ decision from China: Fines and prison sentences will be given

It was announced that a new decision would be taken, which caused controversy in China. It was reported that the Chinese government has started to work on legislation to ban the wearing of clothes and the use of symbols that “will hurt the feelings of the nation”. If the law goes into effect, those who wear clothes that “harm the spirit of the Chinese nation and hurt the feelings of the nation” or force others to wear them could be imprisoned for up to 15 days and fined 5,000 Yuan.
The legislative changes also prohibit defamation, slander, other infringement of the names of national heroes and martyrs, and vandalism of memorial statues. However, it is not clear which situation the government will consider offensive in the said bans.


The draft law that the Chinese government plans to enact has been the target of criticism arrows on social media. Users on various social media platforms questioned how the police could unilaterally determine when and where the country’s feelings were hurt. One user said, “Does wearing a suit and tie count? Marxism is of Western origin. Does his presence in China also count as hurting national sentiments? Zhao Hong, a Professor of Law at the University of Political Science and Law in China, said that this law may lead to the violation of personal rights.


Last year, a woman wearing a traditional Japanese kimono was detained in Suzhou, China, on charges of “quarreling and causing trouble”, and the incident caused a great reaction in China. In March, a woman wearing a dress similar to a Japanese military uniform was detained. In Beijing, people wearing rainbow-patterned clothes were banned from entering the concert given by Taiwanese singer Chang Hui-mei in August.

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